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Computer Support Specialist provides remote assistance for the computer users across the globe. In case an issue cannot be fixed by our professionals via a remote connection, we can send a local Box Support specialist to your home to further attempt to solve the problem. Save the time and hassle involved with bringing your computer to a service shop. We deliver our cloud protection and support services to your doorstep at a moderate price. But yet, if you have been a monthly protection plan member for a month or longer, the remote services are rendered at a discounted rate. If we cannot solve your concern, we will be pleased to issue a reimburse for the work that doesn’t complete on a situation.

We can support more than 98% percent of all our client’s computer problems. We will try everything we can to find the right solutions including taking the time to research each issue, escalating the matter to a superior technician or even sending a local Box Support technician to your house. If we can’t resolve your issue, we will be happy to issue a reimburse for the work that wasn’t able to be completed. We are dedicated to providing the best-in-class computer security and support services! Please contact us anytime with your questions.

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Computer tech support provides enterprise-strength computer security and support services for home users. computer tech solutions strives to provide best-in-class computer safety and support services with a focus on customer happiness.

We have united up with some of the best providers in the computer industry to make sure you have the best solution available. The result is a manageable and secure solution that saves you time and money. Software installation can be complicated if not done by an experienced user due to the technical steps involved. We can do this work for you, and show you how, in a fast, efficient and hassle-free manner.