D-link router

Why D-link router is not working anymore ?

I have used Dlink router for almost three years. It worked Great, but sometimes it was overheating and some other difficulties. But after that, it worked like magic.

D-link is a known brand, and they compose router for a long time. But Once in while You can face this difficulty with any wireless routers.

D-link router support expert will help you out to Troubleshoot the Dlink wireless router and Get the router working accurately again.

Why D-link router not working correctly?

Folks this a known and usual issue. Few times it appears due to IP address removed from the system extension to another device for taking router work, or maybe you require to restart your machine.

D link router support

Follow these steps.

Few steps before you continue-

1. Reboot Your modem and wait for one minute

2. Then reboot your router and wait for 2-3 min make sure modem to router connection and cable is connected.

3. Try connecting the modem to the computer directly just to make sure Internet service provider (Modem side providing you Internet.)

If not, Reset D-link Router. The reset button for the router is placed in a small hole in the case of the router. Using a pin press the button and hold for ten seconds.

You will require reconfiguring the admin password, and any settings you have assigned to the router.

Reboot your PC and connect to the Internet.

I hope this will help you.

Let’s check if you have all the network wires and loops plugged into the individual Ports. Your router is joined to the modem using an ethernet cord.

D-link router

In an apparent way, the initial port of your router (frequently yellow port) has to connect to the WAN port of your modem.

Your workstation needs to be chained to the LAN port of your router. Select the another LAN port to see if there is a problem with the Port that you are applying.

Now try to reboot the mainframe and router.

You will try to apply mac cloning depending on the Internet service provider.

Who is your Provider? Please communicate Internet service provider see if they can help you.


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