Password Protection Support

 Password Protection SupportPassword Protection Support is to stop unapproved users break your details settings. When authorized, you will be required to register your current password when you edited some settings in the record. In case you have skipped your password, you may uninstall the details to delete its old settings and then re-install the system.

Password Protection

  • Enter the Pages Menu from the header bar of the Editor.
  • Click the relevant page.
  • Click the Show More icon.
  • Tick on Agreements.
  • Select Password protection.
  • Enter a password Key.
  • Choose the language for the login screen.
  • In last, Click Done Button.

Generating a secure password

Multiple companies set password schemes, so operators create safe passwords and use regular methods for their login credentials. Some of the best practices for identification specifications include: The least length of eight figures with a limit of anywhere from 16 to 64 characters or probably even higher: The addition of both uppercase and lowercase characters with case sensitivity: The value of at least one symbol, and at least one unique style.